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UV curing machine

UV curing machine UV curing machine UV curing machine
Product name:UV curing machine


UV curing machine for curing of epoxy resin floor or surface.
This UV curing machine is designed with no light leaking, low radiation, low temperature; Is specially designed for decoration project, UV curing coating, inner wall UV curing coating, stairs UV curing coating.This machine also suit for un-removable big parts UV glue and UV painting curing.


This machine is obdurate, it can adjust the distance of the UV lamp to the surface of the material according to the size of the part, material and different UV painting , to enhance the effect of UV curing. There is a fan on the top of the machine, can exhaust the hot air in the UV curing machine, to prolong the life of the light tube. This machine has the advantages of good appearance, wide usage, good curing effect, reliable quality, safe to use, easy to operate.

Max.substrate size:(for flat substrate):500MM( Width)
Lamp wattage:3.6 KW  (mercury lamp)
Exhauster fan wattage:60W*2/200V
Total wattage:4.0kw
Dimensions:300*640*1280MM( L× W× H)
Net Weight:35KG

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